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Say it your way and admonish all other voices be silent. It is by gratitude that we fill the white space. After Kristopher earned his Bachelor’s of Arts in Art from Belhaven University, he apprenticed under the famous artist Thomas Blackshear. From Thomas, Kristopher developed a sense of the way shapes, lines, and forms interact and press into space to shape stories. Painting is means to journey, understand, and celebrate, through the prisms of cubist tradition, how the Gospel is intersecting our own stories today in time and space. Kristopher is an award winning Art Director at Random House. He has had the privilege of working with authors such as Tim Tebow, Katie Davis Majors, Nick Vujicic, Erwin Raphael McManus, Jeffrey Overstreet, Lori Benton, C. David Baker, and many others. Kristopher greatly enjoys the deep thoughts and heart stirrings that come with experiencing many forms of art with his wife who is a professional dancer. When not engaged in aesthetics, Kristopher can be found exploring the wilds of Colorado with his family.





Artist Statement

Upon reading the theme of this competition, I was struck by the invisible nature of the armor of God. Paul uses armor to describe the facets of how the Lord intends for us to survive this war, but in truth, the armor is intangible. So many artists throughout the ages of try to illustrate, myself included, trying to be literal to Paul's descriptions. But what is salvation that protects our head, or righteousness shielding our chest actually look like? In my I process I decided to keep these as abstract as invisible as they are in the Christian experience. Instead, I decided to show the evidence of a life lived with the full armor of God. It is one set free like a marionette doll with the strings have been cut, face turned up toward light and Life.

How it fits into contest

Popular 20th century psychologist Carl Jung claimed that people don’t have ideas but ideas have people. Biblical scholars have known this for a millennia. Ephesians Chapter 6 clearly states that we don’t wrestle against other people, rather our struggle is with entities much more powerful and unseen inhabiting the space around us.

After meditating on this idea and a marionette doll concept rose to the surface among us other ideas. A marionette doll is not autonomous, it doesn’t have free volition over its limbs, over it’s going and coming. So too with us. Our strings are cleverly concealed in ideas. There are forces at work manipulating us. It is only through the illumination that comes through the good news of the finished work of Christ that we can become aware of what literally is pulling our strings and how to sever them.


Kristopher Orr

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