Adnan Milan

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From this painting I want to explain to you about the spiritual battle, but this is not against flesh and blood. This painting tells the story of a friend of mine who lives in Indonesia, precisely in Papua. He is black and a devout Christian. However, when he moved to the capital to live there he was treated badly. Many of his friends discriminated against him, badmouthed him, and didn't even want to be friends with him. Even so, he remains friendly and tries to continue to do good.

How it fits into contest

I painted my black friend, surrounded by light-skinned people who hated and mocked him. But he still smiled, where he tried to fight discrimination and racism that is everywhere, to keep his country together. Which means he is fighting the crimes of discrimination and racism.


I want to thank my friend who has told and inspired me about his life story

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I don't know how to sell it

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