Maria Tian

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I am from Pennsylvania, USA and am a painter and general art enthusiast. God and his word has given me so much hope, love, and purpose and it is an honor to produce art for him.


Spiritual Blossom



Artist Statement

This piece was created from around 1,100 pistachio shells and hand painted with acrylic and gouache paint. On the left side there are raging flames in the background that symbolizes chaos, rage, and destruction. The centerpiece is a rose that is blackened on the left side to represent sin and death. There is a leaf at the bottom of the rose that is intentionally placed on the left side with a darker green to signify that some of chaos comes from earthly influences. On the right side, the rose is full of colors to represent life, hope, and renewal. The blue background on the right is like the calming heavenly skies. Most importantly, the paint brush on the right side has colorful bristles to give the rose its color. The paint brush is a representation of the spiritual tool used to transform and renew us when we read God’s word and put on his full armor.

How it fits into contest

This art piece represents a transformation in a person when they put on the whole armor of God. The fire on the left side represents the evil cosmos forces and the flaming darts of the evil one as stated in Ephesians 6:16. Without God, we are dead in our trespasses just like the dark portion of the rose which represents hopeless sin and death. The leaf under the rose is intentionally placed on the left side to represent earthly connections that can trap and tempt us. Most significantly, the colors on the paint brush helps the rose relinquish its darker side. This symbolizes the transformation we have when we put on the whole armor of God by which we can overcome our fate of death and are renewed with new hope and given new spiritual life. When we inherit capabilities from wearing the whole armor of God just as the rose takes the colors from the brush, we are given the tools to combat and triumph against the darkest strongholds that restrain us from peace and happiness. I imagine God as an artist, the creator of all things, and if you allow him to, he can use his brush to paint new life into us. As a graduate student going out into the world, I must and will constantly remind myself to stand ready and put on the whole armor of God to protect myself against the evil cosmic forces so I can remain unstained from the world and strong in faith.


The artist, Maria Tian, completed the whole art piece.

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Please contact if interested in this art piece.

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I generally do impressionist paintings, interior home design art, digital art, and video editing. Please contact me at to discuss what I can do.

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