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An individual who loves to create, whether it be drawing, painting, or trying something new.


Prayer Warrior


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This piece was created using 2 pieces of plywood, yarn, fabric, glue & a few miscellaneous accessories. This was my first time in over 10 years working with mixed media. I knew I wanted to challenge myself by creating an image using yarn, and enjoyed creating something that reflects one of my favorite scripture. My goal was to create a piece that would display my interpretation of the topic/scripture.

How it fits into contest

The upper portion of my piece shows a beast like creature reaching down from a colorful yet chaotic sky. Yarn was used to create a surreal effect to represent the dark world and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm. The bottom portion of the piece represents the warrior who has put on the full armor of God. The individual is alert, with feet planted holding the sword of spirit, and shield of faith. Flames from the beasts mouth are seen colliding with the shields bright rays to represent the extinguishing of evil.

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Please contact me via email

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I create fine detail artwork with & without short inspirational messages. Please contact me via email

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