Vbaok Nuuss

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The artwork it is made for first time by my father in 2017 to a paper with pencil and he told me how he is feeling, and that i don't know the real recognition.

How it fits into contest

I always had a problem analyzing things until I found the art , I want to say just combine your life with my artwork give a place in every detail and you will feel this magic.
Every artwork has been created in such a way that every detail on it symbolizes something and not just shows a beautiful result.(recognition) refers to the way in which we perceive events from the darkest of women to the softest of the girl right, and between the boy mento dark blue, no one will ever understand the meaning of artworks not only mine, but in general, if you want to encrypt the meaning of an artwork combine in every detail your corresponding ones that concern you, and you will understand it in your own way. The table depicts a family consuming their food and a father's optical illusion on the tablecloth that symbolizes his absence in order for the family to enjoy her meal, and in turn the mother leaves the meal. to children showing mothers love" the project was designed in 2017 and processed until 2021. on May 6 it was printed on canvas and completed on November 28.

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