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Hello! My name is Chris Castor. I am an artist and filmmaker from Oklahoma. I grew up creating and playing music. I have a bachelor's degree in fine arts with an emphasis in painting. With over a decade of experience in the visual arts and film industry, I love to create. Even more, I love to create for the glory of Jesus. I currently work for The Skit Guys and Skit Guys Studios utilizing a variety of skills including: motion graphics, vfx, filmmaking/directing/camera/editing/sound/color, graphic design, and even traditional art from time to time.


The Armor


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Andrew Fletcher said, "Let me make the songs of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws." The idea being that the mere power of artwork can often lead a culture. God is innately creative. He created us in His image. Therefore we are and should be creative as well. When God creates it is "good." So we should strive to create with excellence in mind. That is what I want for all of the artwork and films I create. Regardless of the subject matter, my artwork will in some way communicate what I believe about Jesus. I want to be intentional about that, communicating themes of joy, peace, and the hope of the Gospel. I want my work to be a part of leading a culture towards the greatest joy in the universe and our only hope... Jesus Christ.

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The Armor
Ephesians 6:10-20 is a very popular passage. It is very descriptive and literal. Some passages in the Bible lend themselves to a more abstract or poetic approach when trying to create a visual reference. That is not the case with this passage. As you read, you mind's eye can see the solider standing on a smoldering battlefield surrounded by a pincushion of fiery arrows making himself ready for the next onslaught from the enemy.

In my work, I decided to take the same literal approach. On one side of the work you will see the reader or hearer of God's word. This individual represents us all... Anyone who hears the word of God. On the opposite side, our reality is ripped away to see the spiritual world of that same reader/hearer who has "put on" the armor that the passage talks about. The split and ripped composition echos what the passage says about another reality (a spiritual one) taking place simultaneously with the reality we experience. And there is a war raging in that reality that we must ready ourselves for with the various pieces of armor described in this passage.

Words are very powerful and can be an art form themselves. I chose to use handwritten key words out of this passage mingled throughout the work. The handwritten words are the phrases the individual in the work uses to recall the larger portions of scripture from this passage.

And finally, portions of scripture are tapped around the composition. Our minds and hearts seem to work in a similar way with scripture. At least mine does. We collect portions of scripture throughout our lives that we use to battle sin and love Jesus more. As time goes on, hopefully those portions of scripture grow larger and we gain more understanding about them. Regardless, any scripture "stored in our heart" is beneficial to help in this battle that is happening.

I hope this work encourages you today to fight the good battle, trust in the work of Jesus on your behalf, and love Him more!


Chris Castor

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Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a print of this digital work.

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I do a little bit of everything in the film and arts world.

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