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I am a Data Analytics Engineer by profession and a photographer by passion. I’ve been on hiatus in photography for more than a year after I got diagnosed with a Brain Tumor and underwent Major Brain Surgery in the middle of 2020. My entire recovery days made me temporarily not use my camera and weren’t able to take some stories out from it as my physical condition was really a challenge with those times. Now that I am able to recover from that life’s challenges, despite my current physical imperfections, this does not be hinder my passion for photography. I devote my second life to telling more stories out from my camera and letting my photos converse the people in any part of the world. Photography has become my way of expression, I shoot not to impress but I shoot to express following on the philosophy of "We don’t just simply take photos, we tell stories".


The Golden Scissor and the Portrait of Acceptance


Digital Art

Artist Statement

This is a self-portrait that is so significant to me. I tried to put pictures using my mobile phone the first time I had a haircut a year after my Major Brain Surgery in the middle of 2020.

A kind of black and white emotion seeing my self-portrait that was reflected in the mirror. I feel happy for the reason that I can now change my image after having a haircut for a long time. On the other manner, I also felt sad looking at myself in the mirror and seeing the permanent imperfection, physical damage that happened right after my brain surgery (permanent right facial palsy).

The journey of life is a series of photographs where not all memories can be said to be as good pictures. There are times in life when stories are unfavorable to us and those memories are not good pictures to reminisce. However, those negative memories can be a good source of strength to fight and persevere in finding a better page in life.

Self-love is truly a very broad scale and the best way to measure this certain thing is on how you sustain that self-love and accept all the imperfections you have.
The greatest love above all things is how you love and accept yourself despite any negativity and have the courage of facing to that Spiritual battle

How it fits into contest

Overcoming that spiritual battle is very much harder if the challenges in within you and you think something that is irrevocable.
Gaining victory over it is not an easy task. You need that great wisdom and guidance from God.

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