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Artist bio

Hello my name is Diallo Thomas i am very new to the art world and community i always thought that because i was horrible at drawing that meant that art wasn't for me i was completely ignorant to the fact that art isn't just limited to drawing well, that there are many different forms art like photography, sculpting, film, digital art, etc. During the pandemic while everyone was forced to stay in their homes i decided to give art another try because i had nothing but time and i found digital art specifically 3d modeling and i instantly fell in love with it because i always appreciated art but i was never able to create it myself but with 3d modeling i could so i did what any normal person would do in order to learn something quick, watch a bunch of tutorials on youtube and i feel like i really found my place within the art community with 3d modeling and i hope i can continue to share my art.


Gods Champion


Digital Art

Artist Statement

For our submission my team and i wanted to make a more dramatic literall approach to the Ephesin verses, we wanted viewers to look at our piece and immedietly know that this is a serious spritual battle. We titled our submission "Gods Champion" becuase the knight shown in the submission is supposed to be the protecor of faith, honor, and peace you can see that in his stance he is facing the evils to come but he is not affected by them he does not show fear or anger but instead conveys a stance of peace and power because he trust in gods wisdom, and guidance just as we all should. This is the message My team and i wanted to convey in our submission.

How it fits into contest

My team and i decided to take the contents of Ephesians ch 6- 20 litterally in our submission especially the verses that describe the armor god that needs to be worn in order to "Battle against the wiles of the devil.". Me and and my team also considered how the verses of Ephesians outline the value of righteousness, truth, and honor and who better embodies those values other than a knight we also decided to go a step further and equip the knight with a sword that has the word trinity imprinted on it this is meant to show representation for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit forces that are always thwarting any evil that may come our way . The verses also say that the battle is against the "Wiles of the devil" but that they are not flesh and blood and instead "Principalities...against the spritual host of wickedness of heavenly places. " and to represent this my team modeled a snake which is a common depiction of the devils character, and alongside the snake are ghoulish like monsters hidden in shadows and smoke to represent how the battle is not one of true physical contact but one of spritual warfare. Also in the scen you will notice a purple tint engulfing the snake and ghouls but not the knight this is meant to represent the false identity of royalty that the devil believes he deserves and the only thing standing in his way is the embodiement of faith,peace,honor, and truth; The same values that were bestowed upon all of us from god in order to stand against the "Wiles of the devil".


John Hinojosa was a crucial asset for this project he was responsible for the modeling, rigging, and equiping of the knight. John was also in charge of lighting and scene effects.

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