Artist bio

I am a self taught artist. Painting has helped heal me from so many hurts and loneliness


Spiritual Journey



Artist Statement

The dark colors in my painting represent spiritual wickedness and the rulers of darkness. On the head the darkness and light represent the pull in our minds for spirit and flesh warring against each other. On the body red symbolizes strength, gold truth, white/light blue pure heart and righteousness, and green being grounded spiritually.

How it fits into contest

By using colors that symbolize rulers of darkness, truth, faith, and being grounded.


A very good friend and fellow artist, Robbie Cook, encouraged me to enter this contest.

How to Purchase this Artwork

If anyone is interested in purchasing my painting my email address is

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I do not have any services to offer at this time. I am a single mom working to support me and my two boys.
Art is my escape from the pressures of the daily grind.

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