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Life is like an mandala art ,sometimes black and sometime white ...u just need to go with flow


Mandala art work



Artist Statement

The mandala art work is a form of art where we use a micron pen to design it carefully

How it fits into contest

It depict towards human life

In New Age, the mandala is a diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a time-microcosm of the universe, but it originally meant to represent wholeness and a model for the organizational structure of life itself, a cosmic diagram that shows the relation to the society.
Mandalas can be seen all around us, but are not just people-centric. They are larger than life. Mandalas represent life as we know it, but they also represent a larger ecosystem and universe that exceeds our consciousness.

Mandala art therapy & healing can be a great source of reflection on one’s soul. We worship to God basically to releif our pain which we are suffering from or reduce our stress like wise mandala art helps to reduce the stress the prayer helps to soothe n your soul ....

Mandala Artwork also has a Spiritual meaning that's Soul Soothing to the Creator as well as Viewer.Mandala art has become the need of the hour. It helps you to relax yourself and relieve all the stress.The art is so famous and people have started believing it since prayer done also require patience as they are fulfilled according to time likewise you require patience to draw a mandala art.

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