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I am a photographer, love Nature and people in their daily life or environment. What I'm most passionate about photography is the ability to look and observe differently. To create your own vision of something that others do not see or go unnoticed. Use light as a means of writing and create spaces that others do not see. With photography you live your own world, your own vision, a unique and different reality. You learn to look uniquely.


Believe what you are



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I took this image on analog film.
This children's minifestation took place in the 80s in Mexico City. Each child dressed to play the role of their favorite hero or character. Each child believed what he represented. Each child was an imaginary world. This character EL SANTO, is a legendary character in Mexican culture, a character from wrestling. A hero of popular culture.

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Every Christian has to believe in his heart what he represents and whom he represents. We have to really believe the word of God, we have to believe God. Believing that his power and love is really in us. We are what the Bible says we are and believe that we can do what it teaches us. Just like this child and his costume, go out and believe God in everything. Take our character (God) and go out dressed as HIM and show the world who we are and who we have in us. We have to believe who we are and what we represent.

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