Artist bio

(Mexico City, 1992) Mexican plastic artist. My work includes drawing, painting, art-object, photographic intervention and digital art. My intention with painting is to create, turn any situation into an aesthetic experience, creating worlds of expression and vivid characters. My style was born by a mixture of artistic currents that includes: cubism, cartoons, abstract art and neo-expressionism. I like mixed media, such as: oil, acrylic, pastel, oil-sticks and different textures.





Artist Statement

The Great Wizard is the first creation in the Wizards collection. The title is essential to understand the lesson behind this work: Our mind wants to solve things magically, the ego create stories that apparently facilitate or accelerate the solution of a discomfort with some wand or magic potion. But true human magic (and what the Great Magician represents) is in the power of the human being to turn emotions into something positive, in the attitude of overcoming some restlessness with inner peace, in living to the fullest and learn of the past and be totally present.

How it fits into contest

In order to know what we need as people it is important to deepen into our unconscious. A battle rises between fear and overcoming to make our need conscious. It is not war between good and evil, but between light and shadow, to find balance. There is the magic of the great magician: That spiritual peace makes us see reality for what it is, not as the mind wants it to be.

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