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18 year old artist from Florida. I have one multiple awards for my art regional and national. Plan to attend SCAD in the fall


Keep Going


Digital Art

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A desire to nurture my love for creation and entertainment is what has driven me to pursue a higher education at a renowned institution and a long-term career in the field of 3D animation. I believe that with their schools wonderful curriculum and programs, and my hardworking attitude and grit, I can achieve my dream while also becoming a symbol of the greatness Savannah College of Art and Design produces on a regular basis.

I have always had a strong love for art. From logos to architecture I was always fascinated by the creative aspect of them. As a child I would draw anything that caught my eye in a notebook I took everywhere. It wasn’t long before I was introduced to movies made by Pixar and the world of animation itself and became instantly captivated. I loved how watching those movies was a glimpse into a different world that provided numerous escapes for my six year old mind. I suppose thats what kicked my love for art into overdrive because from then on, I drew even more. People, monsters, cars, anything. Drawing gave me the ability to take what I saw on television and create my own work

My specific goal is becoming a 3D animator for big movies like The Incredibles, Inside Out, Zootopia and a multitude of other extremely successful animated films. I want to help create different worlds straight out of my imagination to entertain people the same way I was entertained as a child to be an inspiration for the next kid that is captivated by the animation they see on the television the same way I was.

Choosing to pursue an art career has been my biggest leap in life so far. The fear of being a stereotypical “starving artist” worried my parents but I did not let that discourage me. I showed them my work along with the research I had done and they agreed to help me achieve my goal. With their support. I have attended multiple art camps, bought supplies, a multitude of sketchbooks; anything that could help aid me in my endeavors as an artist, they were happy to help. Attending one of the top art institutions in the country would afford me the opportunity to have access to the best education I could possibly get for my career path, and make various connections to industry professionals.

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My piece is related to the spiritual battle in the sense that its message is to keep going in life even when it's hard or you feel like you want to give up.

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I do commission work and can be reached at or akwtheartist on instagram

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