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Erik started his art exploration some 40 years ago. He graduated with a BFA at the University of Victoria under Canadian artists Pat Martin Bates. He worked as the art panel of a high school in Hong Kong for 15 years. In the last decade, he developed a unique way of image generation and produced one of a kind paintings based on calligraphic, Asemic lines. virtual exhibition of my works


The Empress



Artist Statement

I am a Classicist; I believe that grace overpowers trends and fashion. It is grace that transcends an art for generations to appreciate. Whichever era we are in, we are that same human possessing the same emotional needs, requiring that same art quality to fill that appetite.

With calligraphy as a catalyst, my lines parallel the nature of signatures. Writings is a symbol of culture and signature has never been considered as an art form. Our autographs mature over years of practice as we sign documents upon documents. They are an extended part of us, both psychically and in spirit.
I also focus in the subconscious drive. I do not plan ahead but images surface. Proven time and again, the images is the residue of revelations. I am an explorer and never ceased to stop discovering. That is why my life’s work is in such variety.

My art is rare among contemporaries because I am not following the crowd. I am on a more infinite mission.

How it fits into contest

The Empress
The spiritual battle is within all of us as we are faced with decisions in whether or not to follow the callings. At times, we surrender to vanity and greed, think less of the good of humanity and this selfishness fills our hearts. This painting shows a determination and a faith in the inner battle.
Gold has always been a colour of the good and spiritual and of heavenly. Used here, the work is armed with a grandeur, a positivity and a power.
This work is a calling because if you read the preliminary lines (no alterations) on image 5, you will note that the lines were done in speed (within a minute) and it is a miracle/revelation such a figure could have been hidden within.

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$7450 USD

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