Jorge Rizzi

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Born and Raised in Mexico, Canadian by Choice and Grace of God, former physician reinventing himself through art in different expressions, finding a new passion for leaf carving


truth fait salvation



Artist Statement

I love art in all of it's expressions, and I'm always exploring new ways to communicate thoughts and feelings. Doing so, one day I found myself practicing Leaf Carving. A process that got me to reflect on the meaning of Seasons, both in Nature and in our own life.
Learning to appreciate the often unseen, delicate, fragile beauty within us and the promise of the Seasons yet to come. As the fallen leaves used as canvas become a manifestation of new life after death and a cherished memory for us to keep.

How it fits into contest

Truth, Faith, and Salvation as St Paul's interpretation on the elements of the Full Armor. And the Sword of the Spirit, or Word of God, that in my work represent on its grip Our Lord Jesus, the beginning and the end, His absolute authority and power over all creation, and His gentleness and willingness to be the sacrifice for our signs


Always Grateful to my parents who showed me the path of faith with their life example

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I can put your memories hand engraved on a natural leaf, please visit my IG or FB at thecarvedleaf

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