Artist bio

Primarily self taught urban artist focusing on a mix of abstract and figurative disciplines using own life experiences to improve and create pieces that are both visual and emotional also experimenting with ideas of masters of the past to continue advancing art cannon wether or not it is "mainstream" or accepted as a popular concensus I will continue making art as long as I am able to as it is a cathartic event of creation for me


We the Undaunted (Perseverance in his image)



Artist Statement

This is the spiritual warrior in us that does not give up that does not back down in the darkest times, we will conquer evil in whatever form it presents itself, In his image we will be victorious

How it fits into contest

This is the form we need, this is the determination, the armor necessary to protect the Lord's people when devils plot to destroy us and damn our souls


This project was created solely by myself, from conception to completion

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original work, for the size and time it took to create I would say $500-$1200 is a good range for it, it is on a dark canvas with foreground image and background containing layered colors with writings/words, best would be to contact via email as my phone is screened heavily for telemarketers and scam calls frames add quite a bit of distinction to the work I am teaching myself how to make them as some store bought ones are too "generic" for my tastes

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