Brandon Best

Artist bio

I’m a young artist from the small island of Barbados. I’m an acrylic painter and drawer, using oil pastels; sometimes mixed media on either canvas or wood I find. My work is often musical, while also commenting on mental health issues and the Bajan society.


Not Another Caribbean Artist



Artist Statement

This artwork is greatly inspired by my love for jazz, while also an illustration as to how I feel tend to feel on a weekly basis. Art is a great way to express your feelings, whether it may be music, dancing, drawing or painting for meditation. The man in this painting, Leroy, is trying to do just that.

How it fits into contest

The faith and willingness to have the inner strength to endure whatever is going on in your life. After all, not every battle is external.


Brandon Best, the one and only painter.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is the original work, which is priced at 1,500 USD

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