Artist bio

Marc Laurenson - Cayman Recycled POP Art Artist. Exhibited in National Gallery of the Cayman Island and Kaaboo 2019 festival. Made a 9ft tall 9ft wide portrait of Jimi Hendrix made from 30,000 plastic bottle caps collected from the beaches of Cayman. Artist since 2008 Stoakd est 2015


Marc Laurenson Self Portrait


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

During the Covid 19 lockdown I made a self portrait inspired by the “sacred heart of Jesus” made from whatever I could find in my house as well as recycled food packaging.

I made this for the future to look back to see what our time (2020) was like.

How it fits into contest

My armor is the cleaning products and protection equipment to keep me safe from the virus seen between the hands in the portrait.
This protection will help me stand against the devils schemes.


Marc Laurenson

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