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I have been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pen in my hand. Although I took art classes in many mediums during my childhood, I started to merge my pen doodles with more traditional drawing skills in my early teens and eventually my unique whimsical style emerged. Today I draw a wide range of subjects and own my own business selling my artwork, Uncharted Ink. As far as I am concerned the best part watching my art make people smile! N/A


The Faithful



Artist Statement

This piece is drawn with Micron pen on multimedia paper. The figures in it were inspired by the actual frontline workers featured in the news during the first month or two of the Covid-19 pandemic.

How it fits into contest

One of the things I love about scripture is that the authors used everyday images to explain their concepts. In Paul's time, Roman soldiers were a common sight, but today most of us don't see soldiers on our street corners from day to day. What we do see however, are medical professionals on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic. I realized as I thought over Ephesians 6 that rather than being offensive in nature, most of the items described are defensive, much like a nurse's PPE. I think that if Paul were writing this letter today, he might use these warriors instead of a soldier.
I am inspired by the example of the doctors and nurses I see daily in the news as this pandemic progresses. To me they are fighting their fight in much the same way we are urged to fight our spiritual battles; in the face of overwhelming odds they keep showing up and not backing down. As Christians, we must do the same, and with an even greater hope than that of our medical community, for we know that the victory is ours in the end, but first we must stand firm.


Bethany Geschke - Artist

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The framed original is available for $540 + Shipping and Tax. Unframed prints are available for $54 + Tax.
To purchase the original please contact me via email. Prints will be available soon online at or in person at one of my shows. (schedule available on my website)

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Other drawings available on my website and at art shows. I also do commissions at a price of $15 per linear inch as of the time of entry into this competition.

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