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I am Ebrahim Alipoor, an artist from Iran, Kurdistan. It’s eight years that I have been looking for ways in which I can connect people. I chose photography as my main art major eight years ago, since I believed that in third world countries, such as Iran, influencing people is very powerful, although difficult. Therefore, I have been searching for ways in which I could connect to and influence people in the utmost difficult circumstances and governmental limitations and censorships and also with low levels of people’s artistic information.


They Returned



Artist Statement

Afghanistan, now called the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, has been embroiled in war, poverty, and unsafety for more than four decades. The Taliban, which had earlier been in power for about 4 years, after years of civil war and hideout life in Afghanistan's remote mountains and deserts, are now back in power. The movement and religious-military organization, now wielding a considerable degree of financial and political power, is estimated to have more than 75,000 fighters in its ranks. This return of the Taliban to power has not only changed the lives of ordinary Afghans, but also the lives of Taliban members themselves. These changes, on all sides, have given a new face to daily life in Afghanistan. The first and most prominent question facing the people of Afghanistan is that of staying or leaving, which has divided them even further. Those who have chosen to stay, while trying to get past the oppression and pain, have to deal with a lot of ambiguity which makes their picture of life a foggy one. Women and children, athletes, artists and art lovers, addicts and even marketers are all waiting to see what this new government will do to them. Those who have fled the country, however, envision a brighter future for themselves. This pursuit takes a toll as they have farewelled to a place they used to call home.
Taliban members, however, have a different story. For years, they have been living and fighting alone in the mountains and remote areas, witnessing the splendor of Kabul from afar. They are now living the dream; they are expecting to exploit the religious teachings that they have been reviewing for years in order to build a different world for the people of Afghanistan, whom they rule now.
Afghanistan today is at the crossroads of these dual lives, which altogether depict a new image. Some people on the way (Taliban)–just arrived–and some others on the way (immigrants)–leaving
+those who are certain their dreams have come true, and those whose lives have become gloomy with the advent of such dreams.

How it fits into contest

Over the 40 years of the ongoing wars, cemeteries near and on the outskirts of war-torn towns and villages gradually grew closer and closer to the neighboring towns and villages. The dead and the living are getting mingled.

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