Artist bio

Artist, Fashion Designer, Screenwriter, Author and poet. Producer and Director. I am an all around creative. I create because have to and need to do so.


Warrior Angel


Digital Art

Artist Statement

When I think of protection, I think of warriors. My warrior is a female and African. My warrior is an Angel with armor. Armored Angel of God. There is a cross in her right showing her instructions comes from God. African origins because that is where life began.

How it fits into contest

The cross in the ear is listening to the word of God. The warrior because the show of protection. The cross on her chest show the protection comes from. Angel


I like to recognize Theresa Cozzone. She supported me so that I had the freedom to do my Art.

How to Purchase this Artwork

I am currently creating my website but I do have cash app and Venmo. The price is $3500

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