Romelyn Paña

Artist bio

No formal education and training in arts. An aspiring artist participating in some exhibitions for less than a year now. Her art is herself. She believes that there is future in arts and passionate about it.


With God, we can win!



Artist Statement

The artwork entitled "With God, we can win!" encompasses practical ways on how to win battles. It includes three photos in series to give inspiration and empowerment in embracing what life has to offer. As no one is exempted to the troubles of this world, it's very essential to know how to overcome the attacks of the enemy and be a mighty warrior. The three photos acknowledge dependence on God.

How it fits into contest

The three photos aim to portrait practical ways on how to win our battles, one of which is as describe in Ephesians 6:10-20. God gives us the ability to overcome. Here are some of the practical and basic ways.

1. Abide in God's love.
When we're face with battles, we may feel lost, discouraged, empty, and disoriented. There can come an instance sometimes that we question God's love because of what's happening to us. Despite and as a true follower of Jesus Christ, we must never forget of what He did at the cross of calvary. He saved us. Always look back at the cross and there we can be found again. By God's love, we grow through what we're going through.

2. Pray without ceasing.
No matter what situation we have, in and out of season, we must pray continually. Talking to God doesn't cost us anything but gives us everything we need. Some battles are win through prayer. Be patient in affliction and joyful in the process knowing that God is always with us and in control.

3. Worship.
Let worship be our lifestyle. No matter what we do in our daily living---eating, sleeping, working, and many others---let God be the center of it all. Surrender everything to Him. It's the very heart of worship.

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