Bret Magpiong

Artist bio

Coach and Consultant, Bret Magpiong has spent his professional career following a calling to advance a Christian worldview in the broader marketplace. Married to Leyla for over 30 years, and father to Brooke, his passion these days includes seeing the world through his camera and his journal.


Unmasked 5K



Artist Statement

I run or walk six days a week, always from my Los Angeles beach community suburb along an esplanade that parallels the Pacific, on my left going, right coming back. My submission is a collage of the many discarded masks I encountered along one 5K distanced outing, each one in it's "natural state" precisely as encountered. 25 in total in just 3+ miles, predominantly in streets and gutters with the not in the picture grandeur of the Pacific just off camera. It is intended to convey disarray, confusion, madness, tumult, disruption and even lawlessness that has been wrought from the pandemic.

How it fits into contest

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the source of great clash of worldviews. Ephesians 6:12 speaks of the wrestling of principalities, and powers, and rulers. The masks in the collage draw to mind the various aspects of that wrestling. Some would say masks are mandatory to save lives. Others would say only faith saves. Some would say that governments should have the right to mandate. Others would say liberty is an inalienable right. There is much wrestling going on. I see a part of the discarded masks as a current ground zero for which the rest of the armour of God is critical to strap on,.

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