Artist bio

I am a visual artist that works across medium, considering a visual language that investigates the inconsistency of time through interior space, relationships & their complexities, and my faith. My artwork and the repetitive, ghost-like elements interlock in complex visual fields charged with colliding realms of the unknown and the familiar. I was born in Hartford, Connecticut and currently live in Easthampton, Massachusetts with my husband and daughter.





Artist Statement

'Inclinations', an intaglio print in chine collé, encapsulates the soul's paradoxically tragic and heroic navigation of a fallen world. Shrouded in definitions of man and the material, we cannot help but reflect glittering images found on screens and billboards rather than the truth of our Creator. Water, being a substance which simultaneously reflects (in a literal sense) and is used as a medium for travel, personifies this juxtaposition. It is not until we turn away from the myriad reflections of the world and swim towards light that we leave our sin in the water, baptizing ourselves in the process.

How it fits into contest

The gravity of God remains stronger forever than the cultural tide of present man. For a truth so worthy of our praise, we often align our everyday decisions with others around us in place of God's desire for our life. Ephesian's 6:10-20 likens this obvious, yet difficult decision to physical movement upwards. The phrases "Take up the shield", "stand against the devil's schemes", "stand firm", and "stand your ground" direct us upwards and make clear the instruction of God. I personify this movement with a symbol of God's abundance and generosity, a fish. It is my hope that the movement depicted in this piece will inspire others to push the trajectory of their lives upwards as well.


Thank you to my wonderful husband who forever supports me in everything.

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