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Photographer from Russia Andrew Jordan, born 28.08.1976, lives in the Krasnodar Territory in the small resort town of Goryachy Klyuch near the Black Sea coast and the beautiful city of Sochi. After 20 years of working as an office lawyer, with a good legal career, Andrew decided to leave the office and take up creative photography, which he had long dreamed of. Not having the slightest experience and art education, but driven by an indomitable craving for creative self-realization, Andrey and his wife Irina (she became his colleague on the creative path and favorite model) opened their own small photo studio and spend every day in self-education, creative experiments and promotion of their talents. Andrew is also engaged in commercial photography, shooting events, weddings, family and individual photo shoots for a wide range of clients, but his real passion is to combine travel with photographing models in fabulous, fantastic images. For each photo shoot, painstaking and lengthy preparation is carried out, starting with the illumination of an idea or fantasy, then in the process of discussion, the image of the heroine of the shooting, wardrobe and accessories are born and a suitable place for shooting is chosen. No matter how difficult the location may be - a glacier high in the mountains or a dense forest, a winter gorge with frozen waterfalls, an autumn swamp or hot sandy beaches - for Andrey there are no barriers to the embodiment of the most beautiful picture that he once saw in his head. Andrew Jordan's works have already been published in more than 40 different fashion magazines, and also regularly participate in exhibitions and competitions of fine art photography.


Warrior of Light



Artist Statement

The world is in danger! Last year to have brought the maximum number of troubles and upheavals for humanity. From the distant past, glorious heroes return with supernatural powers that can give people confidence in their abilities and lead them to fight viral epidemics and social conflicts. Joan of Arc, which has entered world history as a symbol of faith and Holy power, is embodied by me in a historical photo project-a fantasy that expresses hope for a quick victory over the problems of humanity and faith in human strength.

How it fits into contest

In my opinion, everyone has their own internal struggle and each of us is a Warrior of Light. My principle and attitude in the struggle for Light are as follows:
There is no darkness, there is only the absence of light
There is no cold, there is a lack of heat
There is no stupidity, there is a lack of knowledge
There is no evil, there is a lack of kindness
Spread warmth, light, knowledge and goodness. Fill the void of chaos and negativity with this


Model, stylist and costume designer - Irina Iordan (my lovely wife)

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