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I began my career as a dancer/director in San Diego for a Nonprofit called Culture Shock San Diego. I had a thriving International events company and just finished my Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy from Bethel Seminary in 2020. But a string of traumatic events (along with COVID) changed everything. I survived an attempted home invasion, a car accident from people who ran me off the road, and an online attack. Needless to say, I enrolled myself in therapy shortly after. I began painting as a means of therapy for myself. I have no formal training and really was exposed to paint/mixed media through art therapy sessions. My subjects have been beautiful faces or female portraits. I think its because I was searching for a reason...some kind of hope left after everything that happened to me. I have sold a few paintings and had the opportunity to exhibit my art at the Rotunda Gallery in Las Vegas. My favorite mediums are: watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media collage.


The Heavenly Realm



Artist Statement

This painting uses watercolor and acrylic mediums. I painted it inspired by the idea of two atmospheres that we, as human beings, interact in. The physical realm we experience through our bodies sense (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell etc). But the way we experience the "heavenly realm" depends on our relationship to God. The picture depicts a person interacting with this "realm" but depending on the viewer, the message can be dark/depressing or light/hopeful.

How it fits into contest

The work depicts a human in the midst of another realm. I think the passage opens up to the reader that such a place exists, where good and evil are superimposed on everyday life. The passage talks about armoring up and bringing awareness to Scripture, to the knowledge of salvation in Christ, truth, faith,...and the Word of God. Without these things, we are helpless to circumstances that happen in the physical realm and ignorant to the actual battle happening for our souls. I think this artwork gives insight to what is going on when life is turned upside down - especially in the times that we are living in now.



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Price: $1200 USD
Venmo: anna-sarao

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