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2016 - Assistant Professor Susanne Lorenz, Universität der Künste Berlin 2016-2017 Assistant Professor Pauline Kraneis, Universität der Künste Berlin 2013-2014 Gallery Assistant, Grimmuseum, Berlin 2013 Internship Simon Dickinson Fine Arts (Christie's), London 2012-2013 Gallery Assistant, Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, London 2012 Visiting Student, Fellowship Master Thesis (Accessibility of Museums for blind people), Tate Modern & Britian, V&A, Royal Academy of Arts, British Museum 2012 Internship Omero Museum, educational department, Ancona 2009-2012 Anteros Museum, educational department, Bologna 2019-2021 MA Art education, fine arts, Universität der Künste Berlin 2016-2019 BA Art education, fine arts, Universität der Künste Berlin 2010-2013 MA History of Art, University of Bologna 2006-2010 BA Cultural Heritage, University of Bologna


Sky and Sand



Artist Statement

Each of us has an inner map that enables us to embark on a great journey:
To perceive the places and the world that one visits and that one experiences through the feelings.

So is it possible to love or hate a place the same way you love or hate someone?

Some places leave traces in us because of the feelings we feel. We remember them or we forget them. We meet them again in dreams, or surprisingly they appear again in our memories.

Places correspond to an omnipresent, but never neutral background that influences our entire being. They creep into our thoughts and shape our identity.

Who we have become depends on the place we come from, where we spend time, and the experiences we have there.

The house in which we grew up as small children, the yard and the street in which we played in the evening, or the beach where we spent the holidays are places that share emotions, memories, feelings, closeness or rejection , Nostalgia or regret that can profoundly affect our personalities, the way we live, and the way we feel.

In this series I create a map and geography of emotions that identify and interpret emotional connections with the places one is attached to or with which one was connected.

The self and its emotions are therefore placed in the center, i.e. the emotional feeling that arises from the relationship with the place, so that the places can be judged from a subjective point of view.

How can you tell and confront these places? What do you project onto these places? What feelings do they trigger again? What meaning do we give them?

We stand in front of a topography of thoughts in which we photograph ourselves and interpret ourselves in the world around us.

The places are merged with the thoughts and memories of the person behind them, and at the same time it is made possible to manifest a connection between the visible and invisible landscape: the inner life is depicted and what is visible is given meaning.

How it fits into contest

I am now beginning a journey of seeing and understanding.
What cannot be seen with the naked eye
I bring to light

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