Engage Art Contest Show

Join 2018 Engage Art Contest director, John Wells (3x Grammy nominated musician), as he travels the Carolinas to meet artists who infuse their lives, their struggles, and even their faith in their art during the Engage Art Contest (Carolinas) Show.

Ep. 1: “I even tried to commit suicide” - Cindy Cage (Fine Artist)

Severely depressed or know someone who is? Cindy Cage was – to the point of attempting suicide. Plunge into the depths of Cindy’s experience, and be encouraged as she sheds light on her journey to freedom.

Ep. 2: “You’re good enough” - Ranika Chaney (Spoken Word Artist)

Keeping “Secrets”? Ranika Chaney was – being one person at home and someone totally different in public. Flow with Ranika as she exposes herself.

Ep. 3: “I just felt like a copycat” - Nate (Musician) and Carrie Davis (Live Painter)

Ever feel like you’re being attacked – spiritually? Carrie Davis did. Journey with Carrie and her husband, Nate, as they fight the spiritual battle and share how they became artists with purpose.

Ep. 4: “Fight!” - Jeremiah Bligen (Rapper) & Crucial (Producer)

Struggling? Jeremiah Bligen and Matthew Slyman AKA Crucial were. Ride with them as they fight through life’s battles.

Ep. 5 (Finale): Engage Art Carolinas Live

The final episode of the Engage Art Contest (Carolinas) Show was shot during the contest kickoff event in Charlotte, NC. Join John Wells as he navigates the workshops, gallery and explains the heart behind Engage Art as well as performs alongside The Ambassador of their group The Cross Movement.

For contest details, click here.

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