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Sean C. Harrison is a Jamaican Singer/Songwriter/ Poet and General Writer who displayed much artistic promise from a child. Having grown up to a challenging existence, further, at age 19 he was diagnosed with a mental illness which, though disturbing has never stopped him from seeking avenues to be heard and seen. He believes faith in His God is key and in spite of many trials remains undaunted in his efforts to share his insights to the world. He hopes his work will be a source of hope and comfort to people now and for ages to come.


Separated Again


Gospel / Inspirational

Artist Statement

A soulful expression of deep sorrow at sin this song is one of Jamaican singer/songwriter/poet/general writer Sean C. Harrison's many inspiring and moving pieces which chronicle the reality of the Christian's striving against sin. It is an appeal for help from the God of Heaven and earth to strengthen and pardon. Truly heartfelt music written, played and sung by him.

How it fits into contest

In the sense that we are always as people of God faced with challenges to our faith, this song chronicles a desire to be strong and victorious over the scourge of sin recognizing the reality of the cosmic battle between good and evil which often leaves us depleted and spent trying to walk circumspectly. His music always reflects triumph in tragedy and he believes he will find an eager audience as his works become more exposed to the wider world.


Lead cast:
Sean C. Harrison

The video features the singer and composer Sean C. Harrison alone in reflection on a beach in his hometown of St. Thomas, Jamaica.

Marlon Burke

Owner of a local media company St. Thomas Events, Marlon is the one who shot the video. He regularly takes footage here in Jamaica and abroad of events ranging from weddings to funerals, to parties and other special gatherings.

St. Thomas Events

Media company owned and operated by Marlon Burke is a first for the little parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica that features various areas of life there.

Marlon Burke

With his videography skills he turned the collage of scenes into this video of Sean C. Harrison singing one of his own compositions.

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Transcript / Lyrics

Separated Again
Written By Sean C. Harrison © 1992
There are those days when I feel,
I can move mountains, I can cross rivers because of you,
I feel so strong and so sure you are with me,
That you hear me whenever I pray,
Then sin comes between us,
And it seems I'm miles away from you.
Separated again from the Lord I once knew,
And understood to be pure and true,
In the darkness again, alienated from Him,
And all because of my very own sin.
When those days without you come around,
I'm so sad and deeply in pain,
Agonising for you, reaching for that place,
Where we were as one,
I'm hoping you'll hear me,
And see my weakness and my need.
So I'll try to do the right, I'll never give up the fight,
I'll trust you more. You will see, because I don't want to be.

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