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Andrés Arteaga


Carlos Andrés Arteaga Bobadilla, who goes as Andrés Arteaga is an Independent Artist from México.
Born in a small town near Toluca city, was drawn to visual representation since childhood; he developed a strong bond with the paper and pencil. Throughout the years he kept on building the habit of bringing his imagination into the blank sheets. Sketching wherever he could, books, desks, skin, clothes, anything. His passion kept on growing through the years. After graduating from high school on the city of Ontario. CA. He goes back to his hometown decided to study Arts, but is not accepted on the universities he applies to. He then decides to search for knowledge on workshops, or private teachers. During his search he finds his first teacher who introduces him to classic academic drawing, focused on portraiture, human figure, discipline and excellence. After spending around 3 years learning from Leobardo Colin, he starts to get into collective art shows, selling his first portraits, developing with each drawing his own vision. Andrés Arteaga finds a couple more teachers which give him the tools to grow even more. Until this day he remains learning from the professionals he chooses. The art of this young artist for the moment has been inspired from realism, abstract, and surrealism movements. And his themes oriented towards spirituality, philosophy, and perception. We can see a great and clear vision, mastery of the human figure, intuitive compositions, creativity, clarity, power. With 25 years of age, Andrés Arteaga is just started to show us his potential.

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