Carolyn Ornellas


Carolyn Ornellas


Creative, entrepreneur, naturalist, animal lover, close knit family member, and contemplative Christian mystic of the 1983 vintage. Raised in the Midwest and now rooted in the Hawaiian Islands I have spent many years as entrepreneur. Needing needed a change of pace, duty, workflow, and answering a calling I am focusing on art as a priority -- in and of itself. This is a recent development and I am working on designing my ideal creative practice & career / life-balance. Daily, I strive to cultivate space for the heavenly realm to emerge in my life & share my gifts through my creative work. For most of my life I practice several mediums, and have decided to focus exclusively on digital arts. Digital art is my passion. I love their powerful simplicity, accessibility, and feel their fruits feed a desperate need people have for art that uplifts & liberates their hearts, minds, & spirits.

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