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Creative, entrepreneur, naturalist, animal lover, close knit family member, and contemplative Christian mystic of the 1983 vintage. Raised in the Midwest and now rooted in the Hawaiian Islands I have spent many years as entrepreneur. Needing needed a change of pace, duty, workflow, and answering a calling I am focusing on art as a priority -- in and of itself. This is a recent development and I am working on designing my ideal creative practice & career / life-balance. Daily, I strive to cultivate space for the heavenly realm to emerge in my life & share my gifts through my creative work. For most of my life I practice several mediums, and have decided to focus exclusively on digital arts. Digital art is my passion. I love their powerful simplicity, accessibility, and feel their fruits feed a desperate need people have for art that uplifts & liberates their hearts, minds, & spirits.


Within The Temple Within (Tryptic of the following titles; Real Or Imagined, Faces Of The New Earth, sWords of Truth)


Digital Art

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For those trained in the visual and communicative arts, it's general knowledge that things are not always what they appear to be. My creative personal style incorporates familiar forms in unfamiliar contexts. I make time & hold space for the Spirit to move me creatively and I capture what emerges to the best of my abilities and tools. Heart and soul go into each detail and this competition is no exception. I expect this will be a lasting example of my visual language -- at least circa this era in my artistic career which is really just beginning.

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Creation of the Heaven & Earth began with the Word, Logos, which preceded light, and the creation of matter. A reminder that visible light constitutes but a narrow band of what can be perceived by human eyes, the rainbow spectrum text overlay symbolizes this notion of seen and unseen realms; heavenly and earthly. The entire Universe is rooted in that which is unseen and Holy. It is therefore logical, that to access the Holy requires unseen means. Formerly done in privacy by a rigid priesthoods, Jesus upends the hierarchical legacy of the Tabernacles and Temples when he reveals the true temple of the Holy Spirit is (y)our body. Christ lovingly reconciles God's relationship with Himself and His children. Offering an open invitation for each and every soul to accept the arrival of Heaven on Earth through the recognition of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and Eternal Life. Using primarily reds, blues, and purples, like the colors of the ancient Tabernacle in the desert, I begin with abstractions and move towards a recognizably embodied vision of righteousness. Finding parallels with various kinds of hidden bodies, familiar shapes, and unfamiliar context, I sought to evoke some possibly uncomfortable latent feelings associated with uncertainty and our human mind's ability to craft fictions from our innumerable biases. Our biology is made in God's image, but our day to day software is buggy. This flawed-ness of humanity is what necessitates us to spiritually entrain ourselves in ways similar to that of ancient priests, making a ritual of our routines. For, to do so, we might remain rooted in the unseen depths of the Holy Spirit, allowing love for ourselves and our neighbors blossom in our hearts, unafraid of death, and secure in the Truth of Eternal Life.


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