Chelsea Zulevic


Chelsea Zulevic


My name is Chelsea, I was raised on the small island of Kauai with 5 siblings and one amazingly strong mother. I myself am now a single mother of two beautiful children. I was a missionary for several years in different countries using community, music, and art to know God and to make God known. I later worked for an anti human trafficking organization in Northeast Asia that focused on the prevention aspect of human trafficking. After the Nepal Earthquake in 2015 the facilities, and supplies, were too damaged to consider finishing out my 2nd pregnancy there. In faith We evacuated to Thailand to safely deliver my daughter and during this period discovered my son is non verbal and autistic. The services for autism in foreign counties were scares so i decided to moved with my children to Indiana and got my son into an amazing ABA program. I am now stepping out in Faith as an artist in hopes that God uses my gifts to bless and reach others .

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