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My name is Chelsea, I was raised on the small island of Kauai with 5 siblings and one amazingly strong mother. I myself am now a single mother of two beautiful children. I was a missionary for several years in different countries using community, music, and art to know God and to make God known. I later worked for an anti human trafficking organization in Northeast Asia that focused on the prevention aspect of human trafficking. After the Nepal Earthquake in 2015 the facilities, and supplies, were too damaged to consider finishing out my 2nd pregnancy there. In faith We evacuated to Thailand to safely deliver my daughter and during this period discovered my son is non verbal and autistic. The services for autism in foreign counties were scares so i decided to moved with my children to Indiana and got my son into an amazing ABA program. I am now stepping out in Faith as an artist in hopes that God uses my gifts to bless and reach others .


Take me to the Overflow


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

The table is a meeting place, a place where warriors go to prepare for battle, families and friends gather to fellowship. Its a place for preparation, for work, to get things done. Its where we learn, where we share our hearts. Where we go to eat and replenish ourselves when we are hungry, thirsty, or in need.

This piece is about a woman going to the table on her knees opening her bible and raising her hands to God she prays.

Her hands raised is a physical action boldly saying with her body God I trust you. God you have washed me clean with the blood of your son. God here I am on my knees at the table, clothed in the armor of God, I am ready and willing to be obedient and receive the instruction and blessing you have upon my life.

Even when the Dragon is spewing lies so painful they burn, slowly pouring like lava making its way towards my mind. It cant penetrate through the helmet of Salvation you have placed upon my head.
the word of God opened before her transforms into a sword cutting the dragons lies in half causing the lies to harden like lava stopping it in its tracks. Its heat and fire is put out by the word of God, my truth.

I am set free from my guilt, my shame, and my pain. Like A dove freed, flying away from the cage its been kept captive in. I held onto hope when I was in that cage and I will continue to do so. Looking upward with hopeful expectation to where you will lead me.

When the beastly lion and the flaming arrows of this world come to devour and destroy me. While I am hard pressed on every side your wings stretch out to protect me. A coverage that extends far beyond any measurable reach.
I raise my hands to God with my eyes closed because I know even though the serpent may slide between the cracks unseen he has no foothold. I will not be lead astray by temptation, I will not choose the compromise.

When the hand of fear comes out of the shadows to take hold of me and shut out my light I hold up the shield of faith you have given me trusting in your faithfulness to see me through.

I was born into sin from the fruit that was eaten so long ago, it took up roots before I was born and has grown throughout the generations bearing fruits of Greed, drugs, abuse, murder, and lies . Like poison that spreads when it enters your body it relentlessly fights to prick me and poison my soul. Continuously changing shape it takes on new forms of sin in attempt to break me into choosing the compromise. With its branches wrapped around my mouth the enemy tries to smother me with shame to keep me from speaking out your truth. Cunningly it uses words to plant seeds of doubt, fear, and anxiety to diminish my identity. I kneel with the breastplate of righteousness on my chest and the belt of truth around my waist, protecting my heart and soul. A constant reminder that that I have been washed clean by your sons blood. I am reborn now and forever rooted in you.

Rooted in you I am no stranger to the curse of death and pain. As i lift my hands and sing to you lord i give praise to your victory. You sent your son to put death to death and give me life. Death is destroyed and you are turning the graves of my heart into something beautiful that will continue to grow as i put my faith and trust in you.

I know it will not always be an easy path to follow but I will not give up and hang from the noose that the enemy so easily tries to wrap around my neck. I will press on even when life around me feels like there is no other way.

When the world begins to quake and shake and the storms of life come crashing down on me like mighty ocean waves I will not be sucked into the tide. I will not be overwhelmed. I will stand firm with the sandals of peace you have placed on my feet.

While the world is enduring a pandemic, living lives filled with fear of the unknown. I am left alone and isolated with a mask around my mouth, I will go to my table with the word of God before me, your obedient and willing servant clothed in the armor of God, I am ready. Through that mask my tongue will still cry out God take me to the overflow, take me to the overflow, take me to the place where my heart collides with yours. I want more I need more.

How it fits into contest

This work fits into the contest topic of the Spiritual Battle found in Ephesians 6:10-20 and related verses by visually showing a follower of Christ wearing the Armor of God while the schemes of enemy are taking place around her. A battle that isn't completely physical but spiritual. Each piece representing a different part of the fight that is taking place all at once, and how each piece of the Armor of God is more than enough to protect her in any and all situations.


Katrina my mother whose strength and endurance is my encouragement on a daily basis and the weight that she bore I could never comprehend till I became a mother myself
My Children for being the inspiration, the motivation, the reason and the why in all that I do!
Alex Thank you for continuously motivating me and pressing me to complete my piece. Thank you for Giving me the time I needed to do my art and for getting me out of my head whenever I felt stuck and defeated. Thank you for your constructive criticism to push me to do my best.
ALL of my Siblings for the constant years of love and genuine belief in everything i do for all of my life!
Nina for always being there no matter what
Erica and Sara for praying, encouraging, and blessing me during this time.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This piece is an original mixed media piece. The base is canvas with recycled items used to paper mache three dimensional imagery colored with a mixture of Oil Pastels and a variety of Paints. Please contact me directly via email or telephone 8086527523 if interested in purchase.

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Custom paintings, mixed media, sculptures, custom mosaic Stepping stones and various mixed media projects

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