Deborah King


Deborah King is a kingdom artist, wife and mother of 4 kids. She works in acrylics and mixed media using bright colors and rough strokes. She enjoys illustrating an idea, communicating a vision of what is, or what could be. Her inspiration comes from her relationship with God, and reading and meditating on scripture. Believing that art is one of the languages that God uses to communicate His vision, Deborah hopes to use her gifts to help display His heart for the world. Creating from Southwest Iowa, Deborah specializes in acrylic painting as well as logo design. She was raised in Southern California and received her Associates Degree in graphic design from Ventura College and her BFA in Fine art from Colorado Christian University. She loves working and living in the Midwest with business owners in the area, promoting their ideas and products with a custom logo for their company. Another great joy for her is drawing portraits; "there is something special about studying someone's face and praying for them while creating a piece of art that captures a memory for them." Most recently she has ventured into fine art, creating from a place of inspiration and experimentation. "This is an exciting piece of my journey where I am learning to follow the Holy Spirit's lead in what He wants me to communicate and explore visually on paper or canvas!"

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visit my website at email me at or see my work in person at Coffeegirl in Harlan, Iowa

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