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Deborah King is a kingdom artist, wife and mother of 4 kids. She works in acrylics and mixed media using bright colors and rough strokes. She enjoys illustrating an idea, communicating a vision of what is, or what could be. Her inspiration comes from her relationship with God, and reading and meditating on scripture. Believing that art is one of the languages that God uses to communicate His vision, Deborah hopes to use her gifts to help display His heart for the world. Creating from Southwest Iowa, Deborah specializes in acrylic painting as well as logo design. She was raised in Southern California and received her Associates Degree in graphic design from Ventura College and her BFA in Fine art from Colorado Christian University.





Artist Statement

This is the first in a series I am painting in primarily red, white and blue. As I am thinking about where America is at, I am choosing the foundation, the underpainting, in these colors. Then I added the flesh tones, uniquenesses in each person, the highlights in yellow bring warmth and a glow like the presence of God.

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The scripture says to "Stand firm against all the strategies of the devil,(6:11) stand your ground (6:14), after the battle you will be standing firm.(6:13)"

As I prayed about what this LOOKS like I thought about my high school career. After the national "see you at the pole" prayer event was over, I organized a group of peers from church to pray more often. Every Wednesday we came to school early to circle the flagpole and pray for our school and our nation. Somedays, it was just me. But I felt like I was doing battle, praying against the devil, and standing firm, out there quietly interceeding in front of the classmates walking by.

After all of our armor is in place, Ephesians finishes with ,"Pray in the Spirit at all times." There is power in praying together. I believe prayer, and our connection to God in communication and intercession is where the battle is won.

This painting is a prayer, a hope and a vision of our youth, something that seems like a miracle only God can do right now. It is a picture of students at school, holding hands in prayer, without masks, without fear, acrossed gender and racial lines, peacefully uniting in prayer for their nation. This is what standing in hope and freedom and healing looks like. This is what we are called to do together as the body of Christ, to not be afraid to Stand and seek the Lord together.


Deborah King

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This is an original 11x14" Acrylic painting on Paper. It is for sale on my website for $150

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Deborah King is a graphic designer and artist who does logos, and commissioned paintings, murals and portraits. She also leads painting parties which focus on creatively exploring scripture.

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