Hara Saadia


Hara Saadia


My name is Hara Saadia I am a master's student in Moncton (Canada). I have been saved since childhood and I am passionate about the presence of God. I love to teach the word of God that is why I am a teacher and director of children's ministry in my local church. I am also passionate about Gospel music. I have written songs and some are in production. My slogan is "believe to live the biblical scriptures ". it is a phrase that I repeat to myself daily because yes I want to believe our God and His son Jesus more in order to live what He has in store for me. And art is a good way to convey the gospel because our God is a true artist. his masterpieces are simply magnificent. just look at the earth, its beauty is incomparable. it is a work that is not only beautiful, dynamic and at the same time complex. i would stop there because there are so many others including the human. Nothing can equal God's creation, to him belongs all the glory and honour.

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