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My name is Hara Saadia I am a master's student in Moncton (Canada). I have been saved since childhood and I am passionate about the presence of God. I love to teach the word of God that is why I am a teacher and director of children's ministry in my local church. I am also passionate about Gospel music. I have written songs and some are in production. My slogan is "believe to live the biblical scriptures ". it is a phrase that I repeat to myself daily because yes I want to believe our God and His son Jesus more in order to live what He has in store for me. And art is a good way to convey the gospel because our God is a true artist. his masterpieces are simply magnificent. just look at the earth, its beauty is incomparable. it is a work that is not only beautiful, dynamic and at the same time complex. i would stop there because there are so many others including the human. Nothing can equal God's creation, to him belongs all the glory and honour.


Glory to the Lord



Artist Statement

I received this song during my evening walking times in full confinement due to the Covid-19. The news wasn't great and the world was in distress. I needed courage and I prayed while walking. I asked the Lord to give me a song that would strengthen me and give me courage and so I started humming and receiving the lyrics for this song. I wrote the text on my phone while walking and recorded the melody as I went along. On the way home I listened to the melodies again and started rearranging the words I received. When we are in distress we sometimes forget that the lord is majestic and glorious and has everything under control. Proclaiming Him and singing Him reminds us that He is always in control and that His spirit will always be there to help us in our struggles and recharge our batteries, from which comes the song glory to the Lord. And because he is a glorious God, we are also glorious in him because we belong to him body and soul. Even though the days are sad, we are always victorious in Christ and the Lord can do anything. Healing the earth, giving smiles and hope. I made the video myself and included in the video words of exhortations inspired from Ephesians 6:10-20.

How it fits into contest

The song speaks of God's glory, power and majesty. It shows us that from now on we are risen in Christ and we belong to Him body and soul. Therefore darkness has no power over us. The song also emphasizes the spirit of God which is not just an experience but a whole person living in us. It enlivens, enlightens, consoles, heals, strengthens etc. It is the spirit of God. The spirit is our armour and with it we will always be victorious because Christ gave us his life and also his holy Spirit. So now, Christ lives in us and we are victorious in him. No Goliath will be able to overthrow us since we are celestial warriors even if we still live on earth.
I really emphasize worship as a spiritual weapon to drive away the evil one and enter into the glory of God. In the scriptures, Jesus is referred to as the lion of the tribe of Judah. Now Judah means praise, so worship really brings us into the presence of God. We are not talking about singing for singing's sake but sincere worship that comes from the heart. God is so good that even in difficult times He is always there. Even if we don't see the end of the tunnel it doesn't matter because God is always in control and in Him we are more than conquerors. We can do nothing by ourselves, but in Christ everything is possible.
I have also added to my music video short exhortation messages that are truly inspired from Ephesians 6:10-20 and Romans 8:38-39 "For I am sure that neither death nor life, neither angels nor rulers, neither things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature can separate us from the love of God manifested in Christ Jesus our Lord''. The Lord has armed us for our struggles all is found in his word, prayer and worship. To be constantly surrounded by his presence makes the evil one flee after all darkness does not love the light and we are children of light.

exhortation messages that i added to the video

Message 1:
‘’Christ lives in me, I don't have to be afraid
I'm a child of God
Nothing can separate me from his love
Neither the denominations nor the things of this world
I am surrounded by the blood of Christ
And moved by his holy spirit
Prayer is my fighting sword’’

Message 2:
''You gave me the authority
In your name I am more than victorious
The darkness has fled from the light
Christ is my armor and my shield
In him I have victory
May your name be blessed Adonai’’

Message 3:
''Your word reassures me and forges me in your ways
I know who I am
My identity is in you, oh God
I will reign eternally with you Jesus
And no one can take that privilege away from me’’

Message 4
‘’I remain in God's peace and surrounded by his presence. Thank you for the calm Jesus’’


Hara Saadia

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this is a new song that i write so I haven't put a price tag on it yet. but that will be sure a digital copy. and the song will be a part of a album that i will make soon.

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you can contact me directly to discuss about that.

Transcript / Lyrics

verse 1
spirit of the lord
come and heal this place
holy is your name
Jesus you're so good
your name is so amazing
oh lord savior

Glory, glory, glory to the lord
Glory glory, glory to the son
every person kneels before god
to worship

verse 2
Jesus our savior
touch every person
glory is your person
holy is your name
Majesty is you my lord
oh almighty God

Glory, glory, glory to the lord
Glory glory, glory to the son
every person kneels before god
to worship

verse 3
shout it out and rejoice
you are ressurected
body, heart to the lord
glrorify is your name

Glory, glory, glory to the lord
Glory glory, glory to the son
every person kneels before god
to worship

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