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My name is Hara Saadia I am a master's student in Moncton (Canada). I have been saved since childhood and I am passionate about the presence of God. I love to teach the word of God that is why I am a teacher and director of children's ministry in my local church. I am also passionate about Gospel music. I have written songs and some are in production. My slogan is "believe to live the biblical scriptures ". it is a phrase that I repeat to myself daily because yes I want to believe our God and His son Jesus more in order to live what He has in store for me. And art is a good way to convey the gospel because our God is a true artist. his masterpieces are simply magnificent. just look at the earth, its beauty is incomparable. it is a work that is not only beautiful, dynamic and at the same time complex. i would stop there because there are so many others including the human. Nothing can equal God's creation, to him belongs all the glory and honour.


seek God's face in despair



Artist Statement

The photo I used to create my work was taken during my prayer walks and the accompanying text was written during a time of prayer in my room on July 31, 2019. I was praying for a friend who was seriously ill, after my prayer time I took a quiet time to listen to the Lord. And that is where I received this text from. I took my notebook and began to write down. When I finished writing the text, I sent it to my friend and it did her so much good that's why i gave a name seek God's face in despair. This work is just an excerpt from a manuscript that I have to publish soon. The manuscript is a series of texts that I received during my moments of prayer. The work talks about the importance of prayer in times of difficulty. We must cry out to our God and also take the time to listen to Him. It also shows that great battles are won in our rooms when we are alone. The situation that we are living at the moment must push us to constantly seek the face of God. Because He is the one who knows everything at all times. Peace is found only in him. Let us constantly surround ourselves with the presence of God. So my work is a combination of a photo and a prayer text. When I read the text, it makes me think very much of the psalms that David wrote when he was in distress.

How it fits into contest

My work is related to Ephesians 6:10-20 because it emphasizes prayer as a fearsome weapon of warfare that God has given us freely.
Prayer is a key word in the Bible. It appears several times in the Bible chapters. In my childhood I still remember my mother's voice reminding me several times to pray in the morning when I got up and at night when I went to bed. As a child, I used to do this without knowing the real purpose. But as I grew up in my spiritual life, I came to understand the importance of prayer.
Prayer can be defined as the means of communicating with God. Our Heavenly Father is wonderful because he knew that we would need to speak with him and he simply asks us to pray. I like to compare prayer to a telephone. Nowadays the telephone has become an essential thing to communicate more quickly with our close and distant families alike. Well, prayer plays the same role, but instead of communicating with our loved ones it puts us in direct contact with God.
To maintain relationships we always need to communicate, to listen to those around us. God desires the same thing with us. He wants to speak to us, to listen to us and to respond to our requests and supplications. Let's not forget also that this is our weapon of battle since when we pray the distance between heaven and earth disappears and we could see the glory of God in our lives but also on earth while destroying the works of Satan.
Prayer allows us to have a greater intimacy with God and to remain in His plans.
I always like to refer to 1 Thessalonians 5:17 where the apostle Paul asks the Thessalonians to "pray without ceasing". These verses show us that prayer is not an option but a necessity.
Our whole life must be made up of prayer. Whether it is in our studies, our families, our activities, at work. We must never stop praying, it is a full-time job with a great heavenly remuneration. It also allows us to stay connected to God all the time. Since our life and our relationship with God must be full time and not part time.
In 1 Thimothy 2:1-8, the Lord shows us how we should pray. It is good to pray for yourself, but the apostle Paul also asks us to pray for the nations, our families and the world around us.
Prayer is not there to satisfy selfish desires but rather to please God and let Him work in our lives. It is not a recitation, an incantation or a chemical, mathematical or physical formula. It is an exchange with the creator. It must be done with respect and in harmony with the Lord. Our prayer life should not be rational or pragmatic, on the contrary it should surprise us, enlighten us and help us to advance in our walk with the Lord. Because he is a living God. Let us be men and women of prayer, let us take back our place that we have left to the evil one. We are not just anyone but children of God. Let us acknowledge the authority the son has given us and use it against the enemy.

The text I have added to the work is also based on Ephesians 6:10-20. It is a cry that rises from the heart in a situation of despair. I knew I could not do anything for my friend who was suffering but God could do something so I cried out to him. And he answered me with this beautiful text. The Lord shows me once again that he is the greatest healer and protector. He is the only one who can protect us from the enemy's weapons. We don't have to fight because he does it for us. But it is our duty to pray and seek his face. Here is the text:

''You're the one who heals, Lord
no one compares to you you're the eternal doctor
greatest of all
oh Jesus come to heal us
we ask this with faith
we want to see your hand in action and your glory shine
we want to see the blind being healed and the sick standing for your work
we pray for physical and spiritual healing
Come to our rescue Adonai
you're the one holding our lives in your hands
you know when we're cured
You take care of us
your hand is strong, oh God
comes to our rescue Jesus
and free us from the hand of the oppressor
destroys the arrows of the evil one who wants to reach us
physically and morally
lord you are the king of kings
in you we are always victorious
we demand our healing
and proclaim your name lord
because you're the healer.''


HARA SAADIA, I create everthing myself and i received the words in my prayer time.

How to Purchase this Artwork

this is a original work. I haven't put a price tag on it yet because the work is taken from a manuscript I sent for publication to a publishing house. the name of the manuscript is When God speaks. so I could have a fixed price when it is published. but for those who want to have a copy, you will have to contact me directly.

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you can contact me directly to discuss about that.

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