Janolyn Wheeler


Janolyn Wheeler


I’m retired in Law Enforcement and I was given by my daughter a coloring book and found it was very soothing to me. I found a Facebook page of Christian painters of mostly people that have gone through difficult times and turned to God and painting for comfort. One of them put out about the entry on EngageArt in the Carolinas and that was all it took. I do not draw and do not paint and this is my very first painting ever. I was called to do this for a reason, why I do not know. I have always been a type of person that wants to be prepared on anything I do
and am very passionate in knowing what I am going to be up against and make sure I have the knowledge and the equipment to deal with whatever I come against. I want to make sure that Satan has nothing on me and I will be able to take him on. I want eternal life and when I talk to people about Jesus I want them to know the truth and know what they can do to fight and not end up in the fiery pits of Hell. Knowledge is not worth anything if it isn’t correct and of course the wrong knowledge can get you in trouble real fast. I know that spiritual warfare is happening every minute of every day and people do not even realize it. People look at me like I’m crazy when I talk of spiritual warfare but it doesn’t matter to me. I will keep on until my ending breath to speak the gospel and know the true meaning of the Love of God.

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