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I’m retired in Law Enforcement and I was given by my daughter a coloring book and found it was very soothing to me. I found a Facebook page of Christian painters of mostly people that have gone through difficult times and turned to God and painting for comfort. One of them put out about the entry on EngageArt in the Carolinas and that was all it took. I do not draw and do not paint and this is my very first painting ever. I was called to do this for a reason, why I do not know. I have always been a type of person that wants to be prepared on anything I do and am very passionate in knowing what I am going to be up against and make sure I have the knowledge and the equipment to deal with whatever I come against. I want to make sure that Satan has nothing on me and I will be able to take him on. I want eternal life and when I talk to people about Jesus I want them to know the truth and know what they can do to fight and not end up in the fiery pits of Hell. Knowledge is not worth anything if it isn’t correct and of course the wrong knowledge can get you in trouble real fast. I know that spiritual warfare is happening every minute of every day and people do not even realize it. People look at me like I’m crazy when I talk of spiritual warfare but it doesn’t matter to me. I will keep on until my ending breath to speak the gospel and know the true meaning of the Love of God.


God Vs Satan



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God Vs Satan
Good Vs Evil
Heaven Vs Hell

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We are going to need every piece of Armor and make a stand. The devil doesn’t come in killing he comes in with flattery and peacefully. He will fit whatever most of the world will believe he is the Messiah. It will not be rockets, soldiers, man, or war. It will be evil spirits from high places and performing miracles. Gods elect are armed will with the whole gospel of armor knowing Gods word and not the tradition of men. Ephesians 12 is also revealed with Revelations 13: 11. The beast comes forth as Anti-Christ to non-believers. God takes care of His people. With the breastplate of God you do what’s right, make your stand and are strong against deceit. Wear the belt of truth, know the gospel. When Satan appeared to Christ in the wilderness he would quote Scripture but tweaked it to make it a lie. You have to know the truth to know when he is lying. When you are prepared to go forth with the armor of God then you have everything you need to fight the battle of Spiritual Warfare. You are prepared to march wherever God wants you for the true peace of the Lord Jesus Christ for the 2nd tribulation. You will have eternal peace. This is the most important which is the Shield of Faith. Knowing Christ will never let you down and will never forsake you as long as you are obedient and following Him, no matter what Satan throws at you. The sword is the very word of God. His tongue cuts both ways which is also mentioned in Revelations 1: 16-17. It’s the sword of the spirit and knowing that one dart from Satan will not hurt you. With the right hand of God you can and you will overcome. Your power is Gods power. After the seventh seal falls and God tells you well done. Always pray for the elect and ask for what you need to accomplish
this and Look forward to it. With passion you can lead with the truth and be an Ambassador for Christ.


sole creator

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Type of work: a unique original
Purchase price: $100

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