Joaquín Huante


Joaquín Huante


Joaquín J Huante
I was born in Stockton, California 55 years ago. Came to live in Michoacán, México 35 years ago.
Married out here.
Have always been drawing.
Finished high school in the U.S.. In México I became a paper maché artisan. People have forever gathered here at the house -especially children- and together we´ve entered contests, exhibits and other projects. We´ve recycled lot´s of paper and cardboard, sometimes going though the garbage. Just sometimes.
We put up public marionette plays and nativities for Christmas; and theatre plays and altars for Day of the Dead. We fervently hold on to our vanishing local cultural traditions like Christ´s birthday instead of Santa Claus and remembering our departed loved ones instead of Halloween.

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Facebook: jjhuante

Business Name/Organization

Cartonería Santa Catalina handmade recycable paper maché

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