Artist bio

Joaquín J Huante I was born in Stockton, California 55 years ago. Came to live in Michoacán, México 35 years ago. Married out here. Have always been drawing. Finished high school in the U.S.. In México I became a paper maché artisan. People have forever gathered here at the house -especially children- and together we´ve entered contests, exhibits and other projects. We´ve recycled lot´s of paper and cardboard, sometimes going though the garbage. Just sometimes. We put up public marionette plays and nativities for Christmas; and theatre plays and altars for Day of the Dead. We fervently hold on to our vanishing local cultural traditions like Christ´s birthday instead of Santa Claus and remembering our departed loved ones instead of Halloween.


The Wait (sp. La Espera)



Artist Statement

THE WAIT because God´s time is almost never the same as ours, and in difficult moments it may seem that God is asleep and just won´t listen.
The Devil in the film is the type of devils we use for Christmas plays in our region. Colorful and eye-catching, but dark at the core. It´s lone mission has been to chop down God´s creation.
Like always, just when everything seems lost, God raises up a seemingly hopeless underdog. One of our little handmade rag dolls represents us all. Fragile but strengthened by God´s grace through the ARMOR OF GOD. She prays to receive God´s strength from above. standing firm through it all, not forgetting to be her brother´s keeper, and finally, exposing evil (Eph 5:11) to beat it.
The piñata symbolizes trying to and finally breaking our sins and bad habits, collecting the sweet reward from having won that struggle.
We put on this play with children every year, now it´s animated.

How it fits into contest

Nowadays this broken world loves to feel nice, not wanting to worry about the dangers out there ...much less about actually having to take actions to confront evil.

I like to imagine I really sent a clear message in this film, who knows:
not tip-toeing around it, evil is very big and chopping us down. Sometimes we have to see what´s been lost to us to really appreciate it.
We are awfully small, but made strong by God´s grace through the armor.
First, the Belt keeps things correctly in their place.
The Breastplate protecting feelings, thus the heart.
A pair of tough, rugged Shoes to stand firm on all terrain.
The Shield blocks out attacks from all directions.
The Helmet covers the head and thoughts.
and the Sword to fight back in God´s way.
Once all that´s set, if God is for us, who can be against us? (Rom 8:31)

Personally, this was a huge learning experience. Thank you.


Animation: Joaquín Huante
Sounds: free download Youtube sound effects
Images: CorelDraw X3

Transcript / Lyrics

This small film uses no words so everyone can understand it. Just one word, "no".

The storyline is evil´s tremendous fall from heaven.
Evil´s almost total destruction of God´s Creation.
The rag doll finally appears and is suited with the armor.
She prays to receives God´s grace.
She withstands all of evil´s attacks.
Evil is exposed and beaten.
A new start.

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