Julious Fletcher


Julious Fletcher


Julious Fletcher has been a dancer, actor, model, producer, director, writer and dance teacher. He has traveled domestically and internationally teaching dance, drama and cheerleading at summer camps as well as conferences and workshops. He obtained his BFA in Theatre Performance and was pursuing his MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Expressive Arts Therapy with an emphasis in Dance/Movement Therapy at Lesley University; he is currently pursuing his MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Troy University. Julious is the published author of "Ministry of the Sacred Artist" (a manual about the liturgical arts ministry on where the arts came from in a biblical and historical aspect and how to apply it into today's modern world) and "Lessons from the Human Body" (a holistic self-help book by breaking down the human body systems and viewing how they apply to our daily lives).

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Email me at onlyjulious@gmail.com

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