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Julious Fletcher has been a dancer, actor, model, producer, director, writer and dance teacher. He has traveled domestically and internationally teaching dance, drama and cheerleading at summer camps as well as conferences and workshops. He obtained his BFA in Theatre Performance and was pursuing his MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Expressive Arts Therapy with an emphasis in Dance/Movement Therapy at Lesley University; he is currently pursuing his MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Troy University. Julious is the published author of "Ministry of the Sacred Artist" (a manual about the liturgical arts ministry on where the arts came from in a biblical and historical aspect and how to apply it into today's modern world) and "Lessons from the Human Body" (a holistic self-help book by breaking down the human body systems and viewing how they apply to our daily lives).


Monsters Die!

Artist Statement

This film is a poetic expression which talks about our internal battles. I was recording for my poetic expressions CD, "Poetic Reflections." When I was listening the "Monsters Die" playback, I told my sound engineer that it sounds like a film. We discuss on how to construct it into a fighting film and we made it possible.

How it fits into contest

The main enemies are Fear and Lust. We have to stand against those powers of darkness in order for us to win the battle.


Director Julious Fletcher
Writer Julious Fletcher
Cast Julious Fletcher
Donterrius Ruff
Jonathan Pepper

Sound Engineer Demetrius Sheppard
Video Editor Demetrius Sheppard
Camera Operators Demetrius Sheppard
Mel Beard

Fight Choreographer Brian Hatcher

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Poetic Reflections CD

Transcript / Lyrics

The vampires live

Frankenstein keeps coming back

I continue to try to kill them

Why wouldn't you stay dead?!?!

It's like for some reason

they keep meeting the Resurrection

And come back to life


These monsters don't come from the grave

or from electricity

All these monsters come from the closet

All these monsters come from within

Things that I have been exposed to in my past

Things that I wasn't supposed to see

Now I have to deal with my inner struggles alone

But there is a remedy to remove them forever

Instead of running from them and hiding in the dark

Light must shine



The ability to see through me

If I allow others to see me

They will see the flaws

They will see the mistakes

But I have got to get rid of these monsters somehow

They are not only terrorizing me

But they are also terrorizing others

Fear is causing me to keep going back and forward like a madman

Rejection is playing with my mind and

Insecurity is causing me to be like a drowning man,

Gasping for air

I must be real and I must set fire to my closet

and yell "BURN!!"

I call on the power of El Shaddai Himself

I release of the fire of the Great I AM to burn up everything from the monsters' existence

I release the fire of God to burn out all unclean lust from my life in the name of Jesus

May the fresh fire burn until there is nothing left

After the fire

I must go back and repair

And once the healing has been made apparent

The monsters never existed in my life

Will they try to return? Of course!

They don't have anything better to do

But trying to bring destruction into my life

With me being naked

Will help not only me

But others who needs to conquer their own monsters

We are fighting a war that we already won

We just need to realize this and heal from the past

So we can yell together now: MONSTERS DIE!!!

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