Mónica Anduray


Mónica Anduray


Hi, I'm Salvadorean Visual artist that works with mixed media and digital art. I am currently 25 years old. Since I can remember drawing was my favorite thing, now is not only my passion but my way to comunicate messages and connect with people. I mostly draw women and that's because I want to capture and express all the beautiful and complex layers we women have.(and in a way I always give a piece of my escence mixed with the feelings, struggles and dreams we as humanos have)
I want my work to be the voice and inspiration for all women and men and touch every single person with a positive message. With the help of God, and a lot of work, my goal is to create an art academy and grant scholarships for kids and people with potential that need resources for art education. I believe that art and education is really important for our society to evolve and with God to love each other through his word and through empathy, specially in these difficult times.

Best Contact Method

Instagram: @andurayart
Email: anduraymonica@hotmail.com

Business Name/Organization

Independent artist

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