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Hi, I'm Salvadorean Visual artist that works with mixed media and digital art. I am currently 25 years old. Since I can remember drawing was my favorite thing, now is not only my passion but my way to comunicate messages and connect with people. I mostly draw women and that's because I want to capture and express all the beautiful and complex layers we women have.(and in a way I always give a piece of my escence mixed with the feelings, struggles and dreams we as humanos have) I want my work to be the voice and inspiration for all women and men and touch every single person with a positive message. With the help of God, and a lot of work, my goal is to create an art academy and grant scholarships for kids and people with potential that need resources for art education. I believe that art and education is really important for our society to evolve and with God to love each other through his word and through empathy, specially in these difficult times.


Hopes and dreams of a girl


Digital Art

Artist Statement


I started this piece when the coronavirus pandemia started. This really affected the way we all live. The people who struggles the most are those with small businesses, single moms, senior citizens and those with prior health conditions. This pandemic is affecting us not only economically but also psychologically. My goal is to give all of us hope...
My piece is of a little girl in her bedroom, with a space helmet on, looking throughout her window. She dreams of being an astronaut and aspires to keep knowing and exploring God's creation; Being able see in person jaw-dropping landscapes, or a breath taking nebula in a sky full of stars.
She is staring, with tears of joy in her eyes, knowing that all of these shall pass too. She is strong, she hopes and she believes in God and that when humanity unites we can accomplish, with faith, anything and beat even the worst of the diseases. She can’t wait to go outside again. But in the mean time she’ll stay inside her house... knowing that this action has power to give others the chance to accomplish their inner dreams too.

How it fits into contest

There will always be good and evil. These battle is spiritual and physical. Those who believe in the Lord and put on his armor, they will always have hope and faith, faith that the Lord will protect us from any harm. Faith that after the storm, comes the rainbow and we will rise from the ashes woth more hope than ever. We will have much more conciousness about how our actions impact others, and our planet. I made this piece to give all of us hope mostly during these diffcult times of the Coronavirus (COD-19) and remind us that life is beautiful, God has still so much for us to explore, to love, to create and give.
Thanks for reading :)!


Mónica Anduray Miguel

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is and original digital art piece that will be sold as prints in your desire formarts: canvas, or glossy paper.
Available sizes are: 30x30cm, ($40) 60x60cm ($75) and 90x90xm. ($97)

Please contact me through my instagram page at @andurayart to view details about payment, shipping and tracking numbers. You can also write me an email if you have any other questions at and I will happily assist you.

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