Sarrah Weaver


Hi! My name is Sarrah and I have always loved doing art ever since I can remember. I am currently going to Colorado Mesa University to receive my BFA. I also currently work as a graphic designer for the High Country Shopper, a local newspaper. As a kid in school everyone knew me as, "that girl that does the art stuff". I participated in many high school art fairs & contests, winning People's Choice, Best Use of Color to Portray Emotion, and many more awards over the years. In 2019, my senior year of high school, I was asked to create a painting with a time lapse video for our high school's Baccalaureate service. I enjoy all kinds of creative activities, such as drawing, painting, crafting, photography, videography, and editing. These all go together very well as I often create time lapse videos of my artwork. I love drawing/painting humans; it's the one thing I draw that I will never get tired of. Each one of us humans, no matter how normal we can appear, is unique and crazy and weird, and it’s amazing. Drawing or painting things that are out of the ordinary, different, or crazy is what I am drawn to. I love to take concepts or ideas that the human mind experiences or creates and translate it into a visual representation through my art. Being human is a crazy, weird, beautiful thing and that is what my artwork represents.

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