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Hello my name is Sheryl Wilson. My husband and I have lived and raised our son Brandon here in Evans Colorado, he is now 29 and living out on his own. The reason I tell you about our son is I got a late start in the art world. Brandon is autistic and I put all my love and prayers into his upbringing. When he got into his teens I began a journey that I believe started when I was 6 years old. I suffered terrible anxiety and would freeze in place in terrible pain with what I can only describe as paint spinning in my mind. I often share with people when I feel like God is inspiring me to share , we never know how different and alike we all are until we share the journey of that first step. It has taken a life time of surrendering that little girls pain and God impressing on my spirit to slow the spinning down and create beauty from all the colors I saw as a girl spinning in my mind. So how and why am I an artist, when I can't find the words to Express myself I pray in song and create in art, It allows me to become separate from the world as I worship and weep in artful bliss with Jesus. I feel so blessed by the dreams God provides, because that were most my art comes from. I pray over what I see and if it remains with me I sculpt it! Every piece of art belongs to Jesus I know I am not whole with out his hand guiding mine. I hope every day that I can change one moment in time for those that see my art, because Gods writing emotions and love into every color. I hope to grow and do a show of wonder that would bring out that child like spirit that as an adult we hide away or become distracted by life and forget about and bring a giggle to our hearts. I was blessed through a friend about something someone had spoken to her about a painting he was looking at of mine. He told her that he did not like that kind of art , but he could not move as he was drawn to it for some reason. I believe God held his heart for a moment and changed his day. That's my goal. I hope this helps you to see in the light Gods want. Sincerely Sheryl Wilson

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