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Hello my name is Sheryl Wilson. My husband and I have lived and raised our son Brandon here in Evans Colorado, he is now 29 and living out on his own. The reason I tell you about our son is I got a late start in the art world. Brandon is autistic and I put all my love and prayers into his upbringing. When he got into his teens I began a journey that I believe started when I was 6 years old. I suffered terrible anxiety and would freeze in place in terrible pain with what I can only describe as paint spinning in my mind. I often share with people when I feel like God is inspiring me to share , we never know how different and alike we all are until we share the journey of that first step. It has taken a life time of surrendering that little girls pain and God impressing on my spirit to slow the spinning down and create beauty from all the colors I saw as a girl spinning in my mind. So how and why am I an artist, when I can't find the words to Express myself I pray in song and create in art, It allows me to become separate from the world as I worship and weep in artful bliss with Jesus. I feel so blessed by the dreams God provides, because that were most my art comes from. I pray over what I see and if it remains with me I sculpt it! Every piece of art belongs to Jesus I know I am not whole with out his hand guiding mine. I hope every day that I can change one moment in time for those that see my art, because Gods writing emotions and love into every color. I hope to grow and do a show of wonder that would bring out that child like spirit that as an adult we hide away or become distracted by life and forget about and bring a giggle to our hearts. I was blessed through a friend about something someone had spoken to her about a painting he was looking at of mine. He told her that he did not like that kind of art , but he could not move as he was drawn to it for some reason. I believe God held his heart for a moment and changed his day. That's my goal. I hope this helps you to see in the light Gods want. Sincerely Sheryl Wilson


Deep End Of The Ocean


Digital Art

Artist Statement

Hello all, About eighteen months ago I had a dream.
I was walking along the sandy beach and s7denly I felt jesus beside me, hevtook my hand and walked with me. I could feel the ocean breeze across my face and smell the salty sweet smell of the ocean.
We came to a rope and wooden bridge as I started to cross I looked up and saw Jesus waiting for me on the other side. I know somtimecwe have intrust as we cross over from one place to another.
When I got to the other side Jesus stood close by as I stood on the edge of a retaining wall holding back the sea.
I leaned over to see the water was deep and as I did I fell in.
I sank into the deep dark depths of the sea and fear began to arrive. And at that moment I felt my father presence and a warmth engulfed me. Thevwatervatond me began to swirl around me like a wal and a bright light began to rise up all around me. Even the sea creatures swirled about like a fortress of protection.
Soon I felt Jesus take my hand and I heard his voice and he spoke to my soul. He said as long as I hold onto him I will never sink into the dark. He is my shild and fortress through the trials of life.

How it fits into contest

I have prayed and pondered about how this fits. My sister and I talked about how we have both been told one person won't make a difference. I disagree as I know that not to be true. Jesus was the one that changed every thing and we are molded in his spirit and of hi image to walk by faith and share arevetories.
We are wrapped in his love and filled with grace that we share in love with others, we stand I inspired against those that wish to harm us. We matybat time feel unequipped to deal with the battle before us, Jesus goes before us and guides each of us in are actions against the arrows of the evil one. It take Justine to stand and then another because God reaches far and wide.


Jesus and the suport of my husband throughout our marriage and art journey.

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Pal Tiya is a new product. I used it as a Exsample of being a new creation. It is a mixture between concrete and fiberglass. It is self curing and safe for outside sculptures. And of course resin, it is wonderful and you have the ability to add color reshape in warm water cut and mold into shapes

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